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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Drafting a T-shirt pattern

I've seen a few tutorials on Pinterest about how to draft a T-shirt pattern and I've been hankering to have a go. My attempts at drafting sewing patterns haven't gone well so far, so I felt like this was a frontier I needed to conquer. One tutorial suggested using a T-shirt as a template, which seemed pretty straightforward so I gave it a go.

First off I laid the T-shirt out on a piece of newspaper and drew around the outline. I cut out the shape and folded it in half to make it even. I then transferred the template on to a new piece of paper and extended the outline by 1.5cm to create a seamallowance

I did the same with the sleeve. It was slightly trickier, but a bit of pulling and tugging at the shape gave me a good enough template. I measured the armhole and the sleeve edge to make sure they were the same length.

I chose a stretchy, jersey fabric with this doodle pattern. It came from the Sue Ryder vintage shop.

I joined up all the seams and stitched them together on a loose tension setting to allow for stretch. I left the edges raw to give the T-shirt a light, loose affect and I cut off the bottom of the front to make it cropped.


  1. I love the rub off method. It's so satisfying to be able to copy clothes like this. I've bought another RTW dress recently that I want to copy!

  2. I can't really afford to buy patterns and I have to do so many alterations when I do use them, so I do this a lot! It can be kind of tricky but it's really useful, and if you've got a huge closet (like me), it opens up a world of options.

  3. That looks so comfortable. Awesome charity shop fabric find too!

    1. Yes, it's from the Sue Ryder vintage shop. They have vintage shops all over the country and their always on the look out for seamstresses to transform donated fabric into wearable clothes they can sell. If you have one near you and you have a bit of spare time then have a look. Such a good cause.