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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Great British Bake off and making a toile...

Return of the Great British Bake Off! This only meant one thing: a night in front of the tv and a spot of dress making.

Now, I've seen toiles, or muslins, being written about all over the bloggesphere, it seems like the sort of thing you ought to do if you're going to take dressmaking seriously. A sign that you're a grown up. I'm not much of grown up. In fact, I have a confession to make, I've never made a toile before. I'm more of a scissors first, think later kinda gal. And yes, it has ended in tears.

But tonight, now that I'm relaxed and having a night in with the tv, it seemed like a good opportunity to give toile making a go. It's not just because I'm at a loose end though. I have a big task ahead of me. I'm going to be making FOUR bridesmides dresses for my sister's wedding next July. Eek! That means grown up sewing. I still have a fair amount of time to go, but I really don't want to screw this up. I need to get lots and lots of practice with toile making and grown up sewing.

I've just finished the toile for the bodice of a dress I'm going to make for my hoildays. It's only a practice, but if I get the fitting right then it will put me in good stead. I'm not really sure what you're meant to do when you make a toile, so I'm mostly feeling my way through. I've stiched up the bodice, pinned it to fit my manequin and then unpicked all the stitches and marked any alterations I'd made. Once I've bought the fabric I'm going to use use the toile pieces instead of the dress pattern to cut out the pieces.

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