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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My wistful wish list...

I have the attention span of a nat. Seriously it's getting really bad. There are so many things I want to do right now, I don't even known where to begin! I've been baking my socks off for various cake sales (I work for Macmillan Cancer Support - the World's Biggest Coffee Morning was last Friday) and I've been making large quantities of millionaire shortbread. Don't ask me why, I just fancied making it. This hasn't really left a lot of time for sewing projects unfortunately. Plus I'm limited financially so I can't go around buying the reams of fabric and patterns I want to. Until I come into a fortune big enough for me to give up work and spend all day dress making, I'm going to resign myself to gazing dreamily at my Pinterest board, sigh. Below are a few of the projects on my wish list:

I love really simple, clean shapes and this Scandanavian pattern company, Named Clothing is perfect for this type of clothing.

I really want to make this into a winter coat.

Yes, it's the best selling By Hand London pattern. After seeing the number of versions of this dress littering the bloggersphere, I too have fallen for the Elisalex.

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