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Monday, 7 October 2013

Third Anna Dress... and some slightly better photos

I am getting slightly obsessed with the Anna dress pattern. This is my third dress and I can practically make it with my eyes closed. It's so simple and it fits so well, why use any other pattern? Ok, ok, I'm not that much of a bore, I WILL move on from this pattern at some point. Just not yet.

The fabric is from a lovely little shop in York called Gillies Fabric. I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, I was only having a look, but, as always happens, my eye became attracted to this beautiful rayon fabric. There were two versions, one in red and one in black, it was so hard to decide. At £10 per metre, I wasn't going to buy both so I opted for the black. 

I've made a slight deviation from the pattern. I lowered the neckline by about 1.5cm as I found the original neckline too high and choking. I've also used the skirt pattern from Cynthia Rowley 2215, but I decided to change the pleats to bring them in line with the bodice darts. Don't look too close though! My method wasn't very scientific so some of the pleats don't quite match up perfectly. One of the good things about a busy fabric is the amount of mistakes it can hide.

Overall, though, I'm pretty pleased with this dress, it's a good multi-purpose item, whether you dress it up for going out or down for work.

Now, I have to apologise for the photos of my second Anna dress - plaid edition. Light has always been my problem when it comes to photography and unfortunately light is something we're getting less of  now that we're heading into Autumn. I have a singular hatred of flash photography so I was pretty stubborn about shooting in the semi-darkness. I've had a day off work today, so took some better photos.

The dress is lined with purpley-pink lining fabric - makes it so much more comfortable to wear.

This is my favorite furry scarf and probably a winter staple (it's fake fur btw). I'll be wearing this wool dress lots once the cold weather gets going!


  1. I love both versions especially the plaid!

  2. Hey! I love your Anna dresses - really all of them! I'm just planning to do my first version and I really want to line the dress to make it more winter appropriate. I came back here because I rememebered you had done a lined version. But, HOW on earth did you do that? I can't figure out how to get nice seams at the neck opening and the sleeve ends because you wouldn't be able to turn the thing right side out if you sewed them all together right sides facing, right? Can you please help me with my confusion? Please?

    1. Hiya, thanks for coming back! Of course I don't mind helping :)

      Lining the Anna Dress is easy-peasy and means that the skirt doesn't ride up. First off, you need to make two dresses - one in lining fabric and one in outer fabric. Hem the skirt, but leave the neckline and sleeve edges raw. Right sides facing, stitch the dress necklines together, snip the curved edges and then turn the whole thing inside out and press. Next, turn up the outer sleeve edge by 1cm and the lining sleeve edge by 1.5cm and press. Hand blind stitch the lining sleeve edge to the outer sleeve edge. Press again. Done.

      Hope this helps - let me know how your's goes!

    2. Ugh, hand sewing, I feared that you would say this. Don't know if this dress will happen soon - it's currently fighting with the Emery Dress over my attention. When it happens, i will let you know! Thank you so much for your quick response and advice!