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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Playing about

Evening bloggerland, and happy first day of advent! While I type, I'm munching down my first mince pie of the season. Aahh, festivities.

I have another new make to show you, it's a little bit more selfish sewing. And yes, I have about a hundred things I should be knuckling down with right now: Christmas shopping, cleaning and tidying the flat, studying, working on the bridesmaids dresses, generally getting my life in order.... Have I been doing any of them? Have I heck. I've just been playing around with the sewing machine and buying more expensive fabric I can't afford. If anyone knows how to stop procrastinating, other than just sheer will power, please let me know!

Enough about my life crisis though, here is my finished project, it's a playsuit:

First photo shoot outside! Bloody hell it's cold
I do love a playsuit. I've only ever had one, but I practically lived in it all summer. They combine the best elements of dresses and shorts: pretty and comfy without the risk of exposing your arse to the world. I only have one problem with playsuits, aside from the issue of having to take it all off when you go to the loo, which is that they're always too short for my body. Even the RTW playsuit I bought this summer had to be lengthened at the shoulder seams. This is why I love sewing my own clothes.

The pattern is vintage Style 4723. I found it for £3 in a bargain bucket sale and bought it on a whim. I've been wanting to make a playsuit for a long time and I toyed with the idea of drafting a pattern for one this summer but never got round to it. I  do like the design of this pattern though - the button down front and the pleated shoulder seams all remind me a little bit of a 1940s tea dress. I also love the elasticated waistband and hidden pockets, practical girl that I am.

The pattern came in one size, a 12, but seeing as I'm an 8 bust, 10 waist and 12 hips, and the design is loose fitting, I didn't feel this mattered too much. I just took in the bodice seams by about 2cm. 

The fabric is a silky printed viscose. I spent about an hour in Samuel Taylor's fabric shop, umming and ahhing about which fabric to buy and then I saw this and fell hard. It was a tad pricey, but definitely worth it. I like the feather print, it's a bit more unusual than the floral prints you see in most places, and the red is quite festive appropriate, don't you think. I'm beginning to realise that it's better to splash out on good quality fabric you love, rather than use something cheaper and waste all your effort making something you don't like and won't wear.

I'll probably use this pattern again, it was an absolute dream to stitch up. The instructions were easy to follow and the overall design was well constructed. Maybe when summer comes around I'll make it up in a pretty cotton. I'm also tempted to make the full jumpsuit, possibly in black for night time, with gold or silver buttons? 

So I've had my creative binge for the weekend. Time to do something useful. Back to the mince pies it is. 


  1. Aaaah that's lovely! Good fabric choice too. I haven't seen that in Sam T's. I totally agree about sewing with nice fabric. This one's a winner

    1. Thanks Amy! I saw it on the shop mannequin and had to buy it...

  2. I love this! I must make a playsuit or jumpsuit this summer. I had big plans last year but never got round to it... this one looks amazing with tights, very versatile!

    1. Thanks Kathryn, yes I'm hoping it'll take me into spring/summer

  3. That's the play suit you wore to the theatre, right? I remember Auntie Madge making a play suit for me back in the early 70s. Might even have been the same patten! It looks stunning I n you.