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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Yes I CAN sew with knits...just

Good morning, or should I say afternoon? It's very difficult to tell the time of day/day of the week when unemployed. Not that I'm sitting round doing nothing all day, I'm sending off lots and lots of job applications for various teaching jobs around Europe. Fingers crossed something comes back!

Anyway, after I finished my course I had a real itch to get some selfish sewing out of my system. I already had the pattern and fabric prepared for what I was going to do: a Plantain Top from Dear&Doe.

I've never made anything from Deer&Doe before and this free pattern was a really good tester to see how much I liked them. I have to say, I'm very tempted to buy some more patterns from this company as I was impressed with the Plantain. The instructions were incredibly clear and reassuring and the whole piece sewed up nicely.

This is my first time with sewing knits so I tried my best to be as thorough as I could - I even bought the ballpoint needle. I did some practicing on my sewing machine before I started but found it terribly difficult to get even stitches, any advice you have would be welcome!

Also, the top actually ended up being a bit smaller than intended, especially around the bust. I have a feeling this was my fault, as opposed to the pattern sizing. I think I was rather generous with the seam allowances. As a result the top pulls around the chest and arms. I'm happy to chalk this up to experience though, and call this one a toile/muslin. The fabric was a bargainess £2 from the Shipley Shuttle so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I've decided to make a couple more Plantain tops to get my sewing knits practice up. I love the design so much that I'd like a number of T-shirts in different colours to fill up my wardrobe.

So now I'm going to send off some more applications and have a mooch in the market for some more jersey fabric, happy Tuesday!


  1. Very pretty, and a great first make with knits! The fit looks good to me.

    1. Thanks Katie, I'm going to give it another go to get the fit right though.