"" The girl who makes things: Anna in stripes

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Anna in stripes

Sometimes I wish the British weather would make it's mind up. I want it to be sunny as much as anyone but I don't like to be fooled. Today I looked outside my bedroom window and thought 'ah, the sun's shining, it's spring at last! I'll wear a dress', and then I went outside and immediately the skies clouded over and a chilly blast of wind hit me and I went back inside and changed into a pair of jeans. Evidently we are only just teetering on the edge of spring.

All this sort-of spring weather is making me want to make summer dresses though, just so I'm well stocked up for when the warm weather finally bursts through. So without further ado, here is my latest spring/summer 2014 make: an Anna hybrid.

This is my fourth edition of the Anna dress and I've made a few small adjustments. Most notably I've opted for the V neck version this time and changed the skirt to a circle skirt. The fabric is an ultra light cotton lawn which I bought for about £2 from the Shipley Shuttle. I also made small back adjustment as I tend to suffer from gaping back.

There is another reason I chose to make this dress though. I'm mid way through making four bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding and I'm still dithering about which design I want to choose for my dress. I thought the Anna top my be a good option seeing as I've made it so many times before. I really like the V neck version too and I've got a good picture in my mind's eye of how it'll look made up in satin.

So that's it for the new Anna, I've got another make waiting to be photographed which I'll post about soon. Hope the weather is treating you well where ever you are.


  1. Very cute, love the fabric and the circle skirt. I wore an Anna yesterday too but it was truly lovely and warm here in london so I got away with it!

  2. This is lovely, I love the V neck and stripes. I've made a couple of Anna's, but with the round neck, and I want to make one with a circle skirt. Good luck with the bridesmaid dresses!

  3. Love this fabric! I do love a stripe on a circle skirt!

  4. Oooh you're like a chic zebra! I can't believe I still haven't visited the shuttle. With beautiful fabric like this I might just have to.

  5. It's beauuuuutiful! I love the v-neck Anna + circle skirt combo. I'm also actually thinking of making exactly that for when I'm one of the bridesmaids this summer at my best pal's wedding. x