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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Work life

As I've already lamented in previous posts, I haven't had enough time to sew since moving to Portugal. Actually, I lie, I've had enough time but not much energy or inclination. Despite the closer proximity to the equator, Lisbon is still pretty cold in February and the thought of crawling around on the hard, cold floor cutting out pieces of fabric is not appealing. So this post is actually about the last thing I made before I left the UK: a work skirt.

The pattern is New Look 6128 and the fabric is a thick, twill weave black cotton from B&M fabrics in Leeds Market. This is a good staple skirt and I'm kind of glad that I'm posting about it six months after making it. It's given me a chance to get some wear out of it and decide on my likes and dislikes.

Likes: I love the simplicity of this pattern and the fact that it's a slight twist on the pencil skirt shape. I love the big pleats at the front and the pockets make a nice, practical addition. And of course it's black so, well, it goes with everything.

Dislikes: Unless you want to spend your mornings with an iron in hand, don't make a work skirt out of natural fibre fabric. In case you haven't noticed, this skirt creases. If I made this project again I'd use a lighter, synthetic fabric and ditch the iron.

Overall, the pattern went together well, with minor fitting adjustments from what I can remember. I'd like to make this skirt again, once I'm out of this creative funk and back on the seawing horse again, but hey, I'm happy with it for now.

So that's the latest sewing news from me. Not a great harvest, but still something. Like I said, this move has taken a lot out of me and I haven't been able to blog and make things as much as I want to. When there's a lot going on it's difficult to gather your faculties together and find the mental space and time to really focus on creating something. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't make things, so now that I'm a little more settled, I'm going to try a bit harder  to reconnect with my creative side. Lisbon has a lot to offer inspiration wise and I feel like I'm well placed to keep going.


  1. Super fit! Sorry you haven't felt like sewing! How have you settled in Lisbon ? It must be a big change.

    1. Heya, thanks Mags! Moving to Lisbon has had it's ups and downs. You can't beat the weather but sometimes I miss the UK - even the rain and snow! I'm slowly getting there though x

  2. This is lovely, you can't beat a skirt with pockets. Hope you get back in the sewing groove soon.