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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lisbon tiles skirt

Wow, I can't believe it's nearly the end of June. By Wednesday next week I'll have finished my first full school year in Lisbon! I feel as though I should write something reflective about this year. Something about the triumphs and tribulations and what I've learnt... But there's not much I to say, apart from it's been a tremendous year, I don't regret my decision to move here and everyone should visit Lisbon. I think it's the most underated city in Europe.

So what next? Well, I've already signed up to teach another academic year, which starts in October, but I've decided to take a break from Portugal between July and September. I'm moving back to the UK for these months and I'll be teaching in a language school in Leeds. If any of yous are kicking about in Yorkshire, look me up, I'd be happy to meet some new sewing pals.

Right, so now you know my plans, lets take a look at this latest make. When people come to visit me in Lisbon, they usually say one of two things: "Woah, this is a BEAUTIFUL city" and "look at all those tiles!". Yes, Lisbon is a city of tiles. So when I found this fabric in Feira dos Tecidos, I knew I had to have it, if only as a reminder.

The pattern is New Look 6128. It lived another life in the form of a black work skirt which has unfortunately been resigned to the back of my wardrobe due to a bleach stain. I love this pattern, I think it's my perfect pencil skirt - I like the pockets, the front pleats and the general drafting. It just fits well.

I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern and made a straight size 12. I'm not entirely sure where the waistband is meant to sit, on me it sits just below the navel. If I wanted to make it sit on the waist then I'd grade a size smaller, but I'm happy with how it is.

I'm really pleased with this skirt. It's been on my sewing list for a while and it fills a good gap in my work wardrobe. I'm looking forward to wearing it for work in Leeds too. As one of my friends said, it doesn't scream Lisbon, it just hints at it. And I like that.


  1. So glad the move worked out for you! I visited Lisbon in 2011 and really liked it, due a trip back I think. Welcome home for the summer!

  2. Ooh your skirt looks lovely! That fabric is gorgeous. I visited Lisbon in 1997 (eek I can't believe it was that long ago) when I wa a student eurorailing my summer away. I loved it and would love to return one day.

  3. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love the fabric, and can see why you fell for it.

  4. Love the relaxed look of your skirt whilst keeping a great fit, and the fabric is gorgeous. I started reading your blog just when you were moving I can't believe that's a year! I live about 1 1/2 hours from Leeds so I've I'm going that way I'll let you know!